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TENS (Transcutanious Electrical Nurve Stimulator)


    • Based on gate control theory
    • First Indian hand-held unit
    • Pocket size
    • Battery Operated 9V DC
    • Battery life time 160 hrs.(At lower frequencies)
    • Variable rectangular pulse output 80 volts
    • Variable rectangular pulse frequency 2 – 50 Hz
    • Pulse width duration 400 microseconds
Chronic stain and sprain of the cervical Low back pain Labour pain
Diabetic neuropathy Hemiplegia Post-operative pain
Peripheral neuropathy Paraplegia Morning sickness
Phantom limb syndrome Pancreatitis pain Non-united fracture healing procedure
Bursitis Thrombophlebities Intractable migraine
Dental procedure Sport injury Trigeminal neuralgia
Adhesive capsulitis Cancer pain